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  • Safety Shower Modesty Screens and Site Protection

    Posted on: 18, Sep

    For sites which are concerned about Safety Showers and Eyewashes for their employees, there are two additional concerns which Speakman Safety Showers has developed solutions for clients.

    The two additional concerns are:-
    1. Water running all over your factory or warehouse creating a minor flood at 76 litres per minute for at least 15 minutes, and
    2. Employees may require modesty screens to protect them from being viewed as they are saturated from head to toe in water. Especially if they wish to remove cantaminated clothing.

    Big Safety is proud to offer these Speakman Customised Safety Shower solutions for clients throughout Australia.

    The first component is a Stainless Steel Water Catchment platform with outlet. This provides a base which can capture all of the waste water and direct it through one outlet. Below is an image of this unit. Please note this walk on grate can also be configured to provide walk on grate activiation. This means the Safety Shower is turned on as soon as the patient walks onto the platform, avoiding the requirement for the patient to fumble for the pull down lever.

    Safety Shower Drainage Catchment Safety Shower Drainage Catchment and Walk On Grate


    The Speakman Safety Shower Modesty Screens serve two main functions.

    1. In combination with the Drainage catchment above, it helps capture the majority of water from the Safety Shower and direct it through one outlet. This significantly reduces the issues of cleaning up the water deluge created throughout your warehouse by the Safety Shower or eye/face wash.
    2. Secondly these screens provide modesty for the users who will have soaking wet clothes, or need to remove the contaminated clothes from their bodies. In the case of Sulfuric Acid the clothes may be falling off the patient by the time they get to the Safety Shower.


    Speakman Modesty Safety Shower Stall Speakman Modesty Safety Shower Stall


    Big Safety can provide a range of customised Safety Shower and eyewash solutions for your requirements. This includes walk on activations, modesty screens, emergency lighting, sirens, remote alerts and intrinsically safe units. If you would like to obtain a quote please contact us on 1300 73 22 74.

    Till next time. Keep Safe.


    Combination Safety Eye Wash Combination Emergency deluge Safety Shower and Safety Eye Face Wash




  • Safety Alert:- Clarification of Suitable Emergency Escape Hoods For Dangerous Goods Drivers From EPA

    Posted on: 09, Nov

    The EPA (Environmental Protection Authority) and SafeWork NSW have undertaken an investigation into the HFZY 30 EEBD escape hoods and found them not to be suitable for escape purposes and/or not fit for purpose.  The national Competent Authorities Panel (CAP) voted last week to make the HFZY unsuitable nationwide for DG Transport.  CAP also voted to provide clearer guidance in the ADG Code about requirements for escape Breathing Apparatus (BA) which will include a requirement that it comply with AS 1716.


    An example of a ELSA (Emergency Life Saving Apparatus) 15 min Escape hood that complies with AS1716 is the Scott Sabre.


    As regards the duration of air supply, the ADG Code does not specifically state a 15 minute minimum.  However, a 15 minute minimum is implied in a notation Table 12.2 that “a duration of greater than 15 minutes may be required……”  I expect that this will be clarified in the revision to the Code and I expect that a 15 minute duration will be required.


    Please click the following link to view the Letter To Licensees put out by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) on 7 Nov 17 regarding  AIR SUPPLIED SHORT TERM BREATHING APPARATUS SUITABLE FOR ESCAPE PURPOSES .


    The Scott Safety 15 min ELSA Escape Hood Breathing Apparatus complies with AS1716. The Scott Safety 15 min ELSA Escape Hood Breathing Apparatus complies with AS1716.
  • Chance to win a Jetski, for every $200 spent on Prochoice Safety gear

    Posted on: 18, Sep

    Whilst your workers' minds are drifting to the turquoise blue summer ocean, keep them covered with Prochoice Safety Gear, (the Professionals Choice).

    For every $200 ex GST spent on Prochoice, Linq, Pratt or Thortz safety products you receive an entry into the draw to win one of two Prochoice Jetski's and trailer bundle. Whilst you are protecting your workers, you are protecting your own summer holiday dreams.

    Prochoice Safety Jetski Promotion Go into the draw to win one of two Prochoice JetSki's.

    Entries close 30 November 2017, so be quick and enter as often as you can.

    Start shopping now at www.bigsafety.com.au .

    More details on how to register and the promotion conditions can be found by clicking here.

  • Are you looking for an Outdoor Flammable Goods Storage Cabinet?

    Posted on: 08, Aug
    Justrite Flammable Cabinet Weather proof option 160L Justrite Flammable Cabinet Weather proof option 160L


    Our range of Justrite Dangerous Goods cabinets are designed for indoor use, however we are able to customfit a solution that meets Australian Standards and enables you to use these Flammable goods cabinets outside.

    The Features include:

    • Compliance with AS1940 The storage and handling flammable and combustible Liquids:
    • Stainless Steel Hinges
    • Weatherproof Guttering
    • Forklift Channels which help keep the cabinet dry while on the ground & secured to the ground

    This weatherproofing of the cabinets is available on the 160, 250 and 350 L Justrite flammable cabinets.

    Justrite Flammable Cabinet Weather proof option 160L Forklift Tynes Justrite Flammable Cabinet Weather proof option 160L Forklift Tynes
    Justrite Flammable Cabinet Weather proof option 160L Front View Justrite Flammable Cabinet Weather proof option 160L Front View
  • Quick Tip 1:- Your Flammable Goods Cabinet must be lockable

    Posted on: 08, Aug

    The following excerpt from Australian Standards clearly states the reasons why it is essential for all Flammable Cabinets to be lockable.

    AS1940-2004 The storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids

    2.3.2 Operations

    The following handling requirements and precautions apply:

    (a) Persons who handle the liquids shall be fully aware of the hazards involved.

    (b) All storage areas shall be secured against access by unauthorized persons at all times.

    Justrite Flammable Cabinets Lockable SureGrip Ex Handle Justrite Flammable Cabinets Lockable SureGrip Ex Handle - Dual lock

    For these reasons Justrite dangerous goods storage cabinets are lockable and can also be fitted with a padlock to ensure authorised personnel only. This double lock option adds an extra level of security to protect your business from theft as well as untrained employees from dangerous substances.

    The Suregrip handle is more streamlined and flush to avoid getting snagged on an old swivel handle sticking out on a walk way.

    Click the following link to find out more about our wide range of Justrite Flammable Goods Cabinets.

    Alternatively click the following link to view the features and benefits of the Justrite Dangerous Goods Cabinets.

  • Benefits of the Speakman Safety Shower Impeller Action

    Posted on: 23, May

    "Not all Safety Showers are born equal" Anonymous

    When considering the right Emergency Safety Shower or Eyewash for your workplace it is critical that you get a unit that is going to work first time, everytime.

    The Speakman range of Safety Showers and Emergency Eye Face Wash units have a few critical features that ensures better performance than its competitors:-

    • The non clogging, self cleaning head ensures that the full shower head will work each and every time maximising the spray area for quicker decontamination when seconds count.
    • The swirling impeller action of these heads, distributes floods of water without voids in the shower pattern to ensure complete body coverage.

    Below is a quick 8 second video showing how the Impeller Action works and its benefits.

  • Does the SE590A - 45L or SE590A - 106 L Portable Emergency Eyewash comply with Australian Standard 4775

    Posted on: 23, Mar
    SE590A - 106 L Portable Eye and Body wash SE590A - 106 L Portable Eye and Body wash

    In accordance with AS 4775 Safety Deluge Showers and Emergency Eyewashes are required to have the following flow rates:-

    Eye washes :-     1.5 L per minute for 15 minutes

    Safety Showers:-              76 L per minute for 15 minutes

    Therefore the SE590A with a 45 or 106 L cylinder do meet the standards for eyewash, however not for a safety shower.

    Therefore the Safety shower (on the 106 L cylinder) and the Drench Hose (on the 45L cylinder) can be described as Supplementary body washes intended as a support system, not in place of Primary Emergency Response Systems.

    Below are some relevant parts of AS4775 to assist you in your decision:-

    AS 4775 Emergency Eye wash & Shower Equipment

    Section: 7 Plumbed and Self -Contained Eyewash Equipment

    7.2 Performance of plumbed and self-contained eyewash units

    When activated plumbed and self-contained eye wash equipment shall deliver flushing fluid to the eyes at a flow rate not less than 1.5 litres per minute for a minimum of 15 minutes. Where the fluids supply to plumbed equipment is time-limited, this shall be clearly indicated and quantified by prominent signage adjacent to the equipment.

    Where eye wash equipment has a time-limited supply of flushing fluid, a risk assessment shall be conducted to identify whether a longer flow period is required. Such a risk assessment may address the nature and quantity of hazardous materials at the location, likely exposure scenarios, distance to emergency response and emergency facilities and so on.

    Appendix F1       Personal Eyewash Units

    The first seconds following an eye injury are often critical to keeping eye injury to a minimum. A personal eye wash may be kept in the immediate vicinity of employees working in a potentially hazardous area. The main purpose of these units is to supply immediate flushing. With this accomplished, the injured individual should then proceed to a plumbed or self-contained eye wash and flush the eyes for the required 15 minutes.

  • Does my Safety Shower or Emergency Eyewash need a dedicated supply line?

    Posted on: 02, Nov


    Speakman Emergency Eye Face Wash Speakman Emergency Eye Face Wash

    We receive a few enquiries asking whether a Emergency Safety Shower or Eye wash needs its own dedicated water supply line.

    The answer is no, as long as it meets the minimum standards below, however it is also worthwhile to consider the following points when planning the pipeline to your Safety Shower or Eye Wash.

    The minimum requirement for a combination emergency eye wash and safety shower is   25 mm, 1 inch pipe.

    A larger diameter may depend on the following:

    • Distance from the mains water;
    • Is the pipe straight,  water volume, pressure will be effected by pipe bends
    • Is the water supply used for other processes
    • If it is a long distance you may consider using a 32 mm pipe.

    We suggest you check the water flow in existing line,  looking for 120 Lt/minute.

    There is no requirement for a dedicated water supply to the safety shower.

    Let us know if you require any additional information for our Speakman Safety Shower and Emergency Eye wash range.

  • Justrite Polyethylene Corrosive Chemical Cabinet 30 Litres

    Posted on: 25, Oct

    This is a video of the new look, style, design, features and benefits of the Justrite 30 L Polyethylene Corrosive Chemical Cabinet.

    Available from BIG Safety and shipped throughout Australia.

  • Justrite Flammable Goods Cabinet in 90 min fire test

    Posted on: 25, Oct

    Here is a video putting a Justrite Flammable Cabinet through a 90 minute fire test to see how it performs.

    The Justrite flammable cabinet did an excellent job. The critical function it performed was protecting the contents stored in the cabinet. The cabinet allowed at least 90 minutes for:-

    1. staff members to safely evacuate the building and
    2. it provided time for emergency services to extinguish the fire before the contents of the cabinet added more damage to the property.

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