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Monthly Archives: July 2014

  • Do You Have the Proper Safety Showers?

    Posted on: 25, Jul

    Many people that work in a medical or industrial industry may come in contact with a hazardous material at some point in time. When this happens they may be required to use a special safety shower for decontamination. Businesses that have these showers need to have them installed by a certified professional. Businesses that need these types of showers can get them from safety shower suppliers in Australia.

    The International manufacturer Speakman is one of the leading suppliers of safety and decontamination products from when they first invented the world’s first safety shower in 1939. In addition to safety showers they also make emergency eye and face wash products. These products are usually the first step in preventing some type of permanent injury when a person is exposed to some type of hazardous substance. The products can also be customized to suit the needs of a particular business. Most businesses that use hazardous materials are required to have these types of safety products on site.

    One of the Speakman safety shower suppliers in Australia would be able to provide a potential customer with an estimate for supply and delivery of the products they are in need of. Before a business decides to hire a supplier they need to make sure the products meet the necessary specifications. They also need to find out if the supplier provides spare parts for the products for ongoing maintenance. Perhaps even more important than cost is whether or not the supplier is reputable and the type of service they provide to their clients. Of course cost is always a consideration when choosing a company to hire, but it is important to remember that the lowest price doesn’t always mean the best product or service.

    Before you make a final decision on which Speakman safety shower to procure, make sure you do your homework and find all of the answers that you need.


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