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Monthly Archives: April 2016

  • Custom Printed Pro Choice Hard Hats

    Posted on: 14, Apr

    The video above shows a quick snapshot of the Pad printing service provided for the production of Customised Hard Hats printed with a company logo. This provides a professional branded company image on your worksite.

    In addition, to publicly branding your hard hats, it is also useful to distinguish workers in different jobs on a work site for safety or convenience. For example, having a first aid officer or fire warden readily identified by the colour of their hard hat can improve efficiencies. Also with Visitor and subcontractors wearing different colour hard hats, this easily identifies them and can improve security.

    To further enhance these advantages, BIG Safety offers a pad printing service that can customise hard hats – before a customer takes delivery.

    NOTE: Pad printing services does not interfere with the chemical or structural integrity of the materials used in the hard hat construction.

    BIG Safety's hard hat pad printing service can be used to print company logos on the front and back of any ProChoice hard hat, in up to five colours.

    Customized hard hats present your logo in the highest quality. Custom Pad printed Hard Hats logos provides a cost effective and long lasting solution that will not peel crack or fade like a decal or sticker.

    Additionally, we can print a one colour option for the side panels of ProChoice hard hats, allowing further customization to identify roles (eg. Foreman, Medic, Boss) or specific project names (Westlink, Harbour Tunnel).

    Printing Specifications

    Print Areas for pad printing on Prochoice V6 hard hats are as follows. The print area on the Prochoice V9 hard hat is larger than the V6 details below:

    FRONT: 50mmW x 50mmH (up to 5 colours)
    BACK: 50mmW x 40mmW (up to 5 colours)
    SIDES: 70mmW x 20mmH (1 or 2 colours)

  • Justrite Dangerous Goods Cabinets Features

    Posted on: 05, Apr
    Features of Justrite Flammable and Corrosive Cabinets Features and Benefits of the Justrite Flammable Goods Storage Range

    Click this link to enlarge the image - Justrite Flammable Goods Cabinet Features Page

    A fire can charge through a building in no time. Injuring people, destroying assets, threatening the very existence of your business.

    What makes it all the more tragic is that simple, proven steps can help reduce the risk of accidents.

    Justrite Dangerous Goods Cabinets are engineered to store your hazardous chemicals safely - to help you organise, segregate and visually identify dangerous liquids. The result? Reduced mishaps and handling errors.

    Combined with the 10 year limited warranty and the features shown above, it is clear to see what makes Justrite cabinets the number 1 safety cabinet in the world.

  • Minimum Flow Rates for Emergency Eye Wash Units

    Posted on: 04, Apr

    A lot of clients want to know what the minimum flow rates for an Emergency Eyewash unit and where the specification comes from.

    Therefore below is excerpt from the relevant section from AS4775:

    AS4775 Emergency eye wash and shower equipment

     Section: 7            Plumbed and Self Contained Eye Wash Equipment

    7.1          Performance of plumbed and self-contained eye wash units

    A means shall be provided to ensure that a controlled flow of flushing fluid is provided to both eyes simultaneously at a velocity low enough to be non-injurious to the user.

    When activated plumbed and self-contained eye wash equipment shall deliver flushing fluid to the eyes at a flow rate not less than 1.5 L/min for a minimum of 15 minutes

    I hope this helps with your site risk analysis or providing an accurate response to your boss.

    Please remember that BIG Safety can cater for all of your Speakman Emergency Safety Shower and Eye/face wash facilities. This includes standard systems, additional lighting and electrical alarm requirements as well.

    Combination Safety Eye Wash Combination Emergency deluge Safety Shower and Safety Eye Face Wash

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