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Personal Protective Equipment

  • N95 and P2 masks can be used to protect against coronavirus

    Posted on: 29, Jan

    Can the N95 / P2 masks be used to protect against the coronavirus?

    On the 31st December 2019 the World Health Organization was alerted to several cases of pneumonia in Wuhan City, Hubei province of China. This virus was a serious concern to WHO as it was a new virus and they did not know how it would affect people in terms of severity, contamination medium and spread rates.

    On the 7th of January Chinese authorities confirmed the new virus is a coronavirus, which is a family of viruses that include the common cold, SARS and MERS.

    Since then, China’s National Health Commission has deployed masks to healthcare workers responding to the outbreak, and millions of masks have been sent to residents of Wuhan, according to reports. But will these masks stop people from catching the virus?

    We know the coronavirus is airborne, and that it can be transmitted between people. Researchers believe that the virus may have made the jump from animals to people via the inhalation of airborne particles in a seafood market that sold live wild animals. So it makes sense to cover your nose and mouth.

    But what type of Masks are being used to protect against coronavirus?

    There are essentially two main types of masks that are being used to protect against the coronavirus:-

    • Surgical face masks – The type Doctors use in surgery
    • N95 masks. The Australian equivalent rating to the US N95 is the P2 mask.

    Surgical Masks

    Surgical masks are specifically designed to block liquid droplets, and might lower the chance of catching the virus from another person. However, these masks are designed to work well in operating theatres where there are additional stringent hygiene requirements.

    But these masks don’t offer full protection against airborne viruses. For a start, they don’t fully seal off the nose and mouth – particles can still get in. And very small particles can simply pass through the material of the mask. “They might help, but it’s not clear they give you total protection,” says Mark Woolhouse at the University of Edinburgh, UK.

    N95 / P2 Masks

    The United States Centre for Disease Control (CDC) does recommend that healthcare providers wear N95 respirators (P2 respirators - Australian Equivalent), face masks that filter at least 95% of airborne particles, if they treat a patient infected with the novel coronavirus.

    In the case of SARS, another type of coronavirus, a large amount of infections originated in hospitals among healthcare workers treating infected people, says infectious disease expert Dr. Charles Chiu. So now, doctors follow the same strict precautions and wear gowns, gloves, N95 / P2 respirators and goggles to reduce their likelihood of infection.

    N95 / P2 respirators offer more protection. They are designed to prevent 95 per cent of small particles from entering the nose and mouth area. But they only work if they fit properly, and aren’t suitable for children or people with facial hair.

    N95 / P2 respirators can also make it more challenging for a person to breathe, so could be dangerous for someone showing symptoms of infection of the new coronavirus, which include coughing and shortness of breath.

    Guidelines for keeping your Workplace and School Safe

    The University of Sydney has put out the below guidance for Staff and Students in order to prevent the spread of infection at the University by following the basic hygiene advice below to stay healthy:

    • Using soap or alcohol-based hand wash frequently and washing hands for at least 20 seconds each time;
    • Avoiding areas where there are people sneezing, covering their mouth or nose if sneezing or coughing with a flexed elbow and disposing of tissues immediately;
    • Avoiding contact with anyone who is unwell; and
    • Not attending study or work if they’re unwell.

    If you have the Symptoms

    If you are worried about your symptoms, and think you may have the virus, call for medical advice before visiting a hospital and potentially spreading the infection, suggests Robin Thompson at the University of Oxford.


    Read more: https://www.newscientist.com/article/2231535-can-an-n95-face-mask-protect-you-from-catching-the-new-coronavirus/#ixzz6CMXe8Q6E


    WHO – Information on the coronavirus as well as links to a poster series that can be printed out and placed in your workplace/School https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019

  • Guide to Hard Hat Accessories - What can I wear with my Hard Hat?

    Posted on: 22, Oct
    Hard Hat with Viper Cap Attached Earmuffs Hard Hat with Viper Cap Attached Earmuffs

    There are a lot of questions around the worksite regarding what is and what is not appropriate to be worn on or under the hard hat. Below are some general tips and reasons to help you make your own risk assessment.

    As well as their compliance with Australian standards, hard hats and other PPE rely upon an
    adequate user fit to protect the wearer.

    Any additional Hard Hat accessories or clothing which affect fit could reduce the hard hat’s ability to keep you safe.

    But while it is important to wear complimentary and essential PPE (eg. like Cap Attached Ear Muffs or Visors), how do you decide if it’s safe to wear granny’s knitted beanie under your hard hat?

    First and foremost, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If the manufacturer says don’t do it... don’t do it! But where they haven’t specified if something is allowable, you will have to conduct your own risk assessment.

    1. No Pom Poms, the addition of a Pom Pom on top of a beanie does not allow the Hard Hat harness to sit as designed by the manufacturer flat on the head. Tight knit beanies work better than loose beanies which could see the beanie and hard hat slip around or off your head. The ProChoice Hard Hat winter liner is superior to a Beanie due to the lack of movement in the Liner and hard hat. The Winter liner has velcro straps which enables the Hard hat to be secured to the Winter Liner.
    2. No Caps OR Metal, Baseball caps are a No No, as they often have a metal part in the top middle of the hat. If a very heavy item fell with great force the Harness of the hard hat would impact on this metal top and force undue impact and trauma to the top of your skull. In addition Baseball caps often have a curved brim which prevents the Hard Hat sitting where it should for a sound fit.
    3. Sun and sweat protection is OK. Cotton/polyester or plastic visors, brims and flaps which attach to the helmet are a great solution for staying sun safe throughout summer.
      Make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that you’re using them correctly and with the right type of hard hat. In addition most Hard Hats are able to easily fit a sweatband for the forehead.

    So this was just a quick guide to help you out on the worksite. However, always remember to conduct a fit test before starting the job.

    Keep safe.

    ProChoice V6 Hard Hat with Safety Glasses ProChoice V6 Hard Hat with Safety Glasses
  • Chance to win a Jetski, for every $200 spent on Prochoice Safety gear

    Posted on: 18, Sep

    Whilst your workers' minds are drifting to the turquoise blue summer ocean, keep them covered with Prochoice Safety Gear, (the Professionals Choice).

    For every $200 ex GST spent on Prochoice, Linq, Pratt or Thortz safety products you receive an entry into the draw to win one of two Prochoice Jetski's and trailer bundle. Whilst you are protecting your workers, you are protecting your own summer holiday dreams.

    Prochoice Safety Jetski Promotion Go into the draw to win one of two Prochoice JetSki's.

    Entries close 30 November 2017, so be quick and enter as often as you can.

    Start shopping now at www.bigsafety.com.au .

    More details on how to register and the promotion conditions can be found by clicking here.

  • What are the cost benefits of selecting the right Safety Equipment

    Posted on: 08, Jun
    Pro Choice Safety Equipment Pays Select ProChoice Safety Equipment for your worksite. Prochoice V6 Hard Hat, Day Night Safety Vest and Safety Glasses
  • Free setup on Company Branded Hard Hats - Up to 2 colour - Save $160 - Printed Hard Hats from $12 inc GST each

    Posted on: 07, Jun


    Company Branded Hard Hats Free 1 or 2 colour setup for Company Branded Hard Hats


    “When you brand yourself properly, the competition becomes irrelevant.”
    Dan Schawbel
    Toughen up your work site image. Don't just get hard hats, get walking billboards (ie. company branded hard hats, custom hard hats). It improves your team visibility on site, reduces theft (easily & readily identifiable) and enhances your professional image to your head contractor.
    During the month of June 2016, we are offering FREE artwork setup for up to 2 colours (1 or 2 colour setup only) and then never have to pay the set up fee again. You would only need to pay for the hat and printing. (Min of 20 hard hats per print run)
    Traditional style V6 Hard Hats
    Buy 20 hard hats for just $15 each
    Buy 40 hard hats for just $14 each
    Buy 100 hard hats for just $12 each
    Stylish new V9 Hard Hats
    Buy 20 hard hats for just $16 each
    Buy 40 hard hats for just $15 each
    Buy 100 hard hats for just $13 each
    This special offer of 2010 prices only lasts until 30/6/16. Delivery is $9.90 in NSW, $16.50 for QLD, VIC, TAS, SA & WA per order. NT Freight charge will be quoted.
  • Prochoice Taeki 5 Cut Resistant Gloves rebranded as Prochoice Arax 5

    Posted on: 19, May

    5 years ago when Prochoice Taeki 5 cut resistant gloves burst onto the scene the below video was made showing the benefits and high degree of cut resistance.

    I just wanted to let you all know that Prochice has now rebranded these gloves as Arax cut resistant gloves to get away from copycats in the market.

    The Arax gloves are made to the same high standards as always and this video is still relevant. The only difference is the name. Therefore Prochoice Arax Cut resistant gloves and sleeves are still "SAFE AS".

    Enjoy the video.

  • What is the difference between the Prochoice V6 and V9 Hard Hats

    Posted on: 18, May

    Here is a good intro video that discusses the differences between the traditional
    Prochoice V6 & New Kid on the block V9 Hard hats

    Please note that both the V6 and V9 hard hats can come in both a Pushlock OR a Ratchet style harness. The standard harness supplied with our V6 and V9 hard hats is the push lock model shown. The ratchet style harness can be requested for an additional $4.40 inc GST

  • What is the life span of a hard hat and when does it need to be replaced?

    Posted on: 18, May

    The question we get asked most often about Hard Hats is, when they need to be replaced. So I thought I would re-post this article discussing the relevant timelines in which a Hard Hat needs to be replaced in accordance with Australian Standards:-

    Hard Hat Life Span and when it needs to be replaced.

    In addition, to these timelines there are essential tell tale signs of when a part or the whole Hardhat needs to be replaced.

    You should visually inspect your hard hat each time before you wear it.

    You should replace your hard hat when:-

    • Cracks start to appear in the shell
    • The shiny surface becomes dull or chalky
    • The shell becomes brittle
    • An impact has been made with the helmet surface

    You should replace the suspension system in your hardhat when:-

    • The suspension becomes brittle
    • If one or more of any of the mounts break off
    • The suspension will no longer hold securely on your head
    • The cradling straps break or become worn.

    Remember:- It is your head, so double check to ensure you protect it.

    BIG Safety is able to do Hard Hat printing to professionally brand your workforce when onsite.


    Here is a good intro video into the differences between the traditional V6 & New V9 Hard hats

  • Top 5 Workplace injures

    Posted on: 11, May

    Just a quick info-graphic to highlight the Top 5 most common causes of workplace injuries.

    Keep an eye out for these as you move around your worksite, also share this message with all of your work colleagues.

    Studio Shoot Pro Safety - Gloves Workit - Trousers, Shirt 25.11.13

    Keep Safe

  • Do you have a Smokers Apron that can stop Smokers burning holes in their clothes?

    Posted on: 20, Jul

    We are often asked if we have a Smokers Apron that can be used in aged care homes to prevent  frail smokers burning holes in their clothes?

    I was aware of this issue from 35 years ago when I wondered why my Grandad always had holes in his clothes from burn marks.

    So when I discovered the flame retardant properties of the lightweight cotton Proban apron, I knew this would be perfect for Smokers to prevent burning holes in their clothes.

    So we have provided these flame retardant aprons into Nursing Homes throughout Australia for over ten years now.

    So if you are looking after frail smokers or in an aged care facility, please ensure you click through this link to watch the video demonstrations and see how the Proban Flame retardant Apron can help solve your problem.


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