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Quick Tip 1:- Your Flammable Goods Cabinet must be lockable

Posted on: 08, Aug

The following excerpt from Australian Standards clearly states the reasons why it is essential for all Flammable Cabinets to be lockable.

AS1940-2004 The storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids

2.3.2 Operations

The following handling requirements and precautions apply:

(a) Persons who handle the liquids shall be fully aware of the hazards involved.

(b) All storage areas shall be secured against access by unauthorized persons at all times.

Justrite Flammable Cabinets Lockable SureGrip Ex Handle Justrite Flammable Cabinets Lockable SureGrip Ex Handle - Dual lock

For these reasons Justrite dangerous goods storage cabinets are lockable and can also be fitted with a padlock to ensure authorised personnel only. This double lock option adds an extra level of security to protect your business from theft as well as untrained employees from dangerous substances.

The Suregrip handle is more streamlined and flush to avoid getting snagged on an old swivel handle sticking out on a walk way.

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