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  • Can you give away $100000?

    Posted on: 28, Apr

    I am not usually a big fan of Oprah Winfrey (more to the point - not a fan of daytime TV), however it was really interesting to watch a show on the weekend entitled "The Big Give". 10 contestants needed to run around town and give $100000. They were not allowed to give cash, only allowed to give up to $500 per individual or $10000 per business/company or organisation. Then the biggest giver was jugded by a panel of Judges including Jamie Oliver to determine who was "The Biggest Giver"

    The two main things which really interested me were:-

    1. The joy it gave these people to see the enjoyment they were able to bring to other peoples lives.

    2. When people were given the opportunity they gave to their passion:-

    • handicapped children
    • underpriveleged families
    • cystic fibrosis foundation
    • Animal shelters

    It made me think if I had $100000 to give away, who would I give it to, but more importantly what can I do now to help the organisation, group or body that I am passionate about?

    I have heard it said that you get back ten fold what you give. The contestants in this show seemed to be definitely reaping those rewards.

    Only 1 of 10 was able to give away $100000.

    For more information you can view the show here:- http://abc.go.com/primetime/oprahsbiggive/index?pn=index


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