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  • Positioning of Flammable and Corrosive Goods Storage Cabinets

    Posted on: 26, Aug
    Safely store small quantities of Flammable and Corrosive goods. How to safely store small quantities of Flammable and Corrosive goods.

    When risk assessing the separation distances between chemical stores the following guidelines should be referenced:

    AS1940 Table: 2.1

    AS3780 Table: 2.1

    AS1940 Table 4.1 determines the separation distance based on volume:

    AS1940 The storage and handling of Flammable and Combustible Liquids:

    1.4.46 On-site protected place

    A building where people are employed within the property boundary, including offices, warehouses, manufacturing or processing areas, amenities and other dangerous goods stores where quantities exceed minor storage.


     4.3.1 Separation distances for package stores

    When determining the location for a package store, factors such as infrastructure, firefighting resources, fire brigade access and automation need to be considered.

    A store for packages of flammable or combustible liquids shall be located in accordance with the following requirements:

    (b) The minimum separation distance to any on-site protected place shall be as given in Table 4.1, but need not exceed—

    (i) 15 m for flammable liquids

    Table: 4.1

    Allowable:           Packaging Group I & II    Quantities below 100 litres        Unrestricted

    Packaging Group III         Quantities below 500 litres         Unrestricted


    AS3780 The storage and Handling of Corrosive Substances:

    1.4.19 On-site protected place

    A building where people are employed within the property boundary of the installation, including warehouses, manufacturing or processing areas, amenities or other dangerous goods stores where quantities exceed minor storage.

    Table: 4.1

    Note:    Where separation distances are applied to on-site protected places that are an integral part of the storage, processing or handling of corrosive substances, such distances may be reduced subject to appropriate risk identification, assessment and control.

  • 5 Safety Reasons for Justrite Flammable Cabinets

    Posted on: 10, Aug

    Just a quick one to summarise for our clients, the five main critical functions served by Justrite Flammable and chemical/corrosive cabinets.

    1.    Safely contain hazardous chemicals to reduce the risk of fire, protecting both personnel and facilities

    2.    Identify, organise and segregate dangerous liquids

    3.    Offer compliance with National OHS regulations, EPA and state and local fire codes

    4.    Improve efficiency by allowing solvents to be stored near the points of use

    5.    Improve security with keyed locking mechanism

    All this and a ten year warranty.

    All the best. Keep Safe.

    Justrite Flammable Cabinets with 10 Year warranty

  • Why is a Justrite Flammable Cabinet essential for Flammable liquids storage and Protection in your business?

    Posted on: 12, May

    Flammable Goods Safety Storage Cabinets serve several critical functions:-

    • Safely contain hazardous chemicals to reduce the risk of fire, protecting both personnel and facilities
    • Identify, Organise and segregate dangerous liquids
    • Offer compliance with federal Safety regulations and local fire codes
    • Improve efficiency by allowing solvents to be stored near the points of use
    • Improve security with keyed locking mechanism

    One of the leding causes of industrial fires is the improper storage and handling of flammable liquids. It is important to identify and inventory all chemicals in your workplace. Review the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for each chemical to determine characteristics and recommended storage practices. To avoid generating toxic gases and to prevent fires and explosions. It is important to segregate incompatible chemicals.

    Some local regulations require positive pressure ventilation. Justrite Flammable Cabinets offer baffle protected vents to connect to these systems.

    AU25302Click here to view our range of Justrite Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets.

  • Justrite Dangerous Goods Cabinets Features

    Posted on: 05, Apr
    Features of Justrite Flammable and Corrosive Cabinets Features and Benefits of the Justrite Flammable Goods Storage Range

    Click this link to enlarge the image - Justrite Flammable Goods Cabinet Features Page

    A fire can charge through a building in no time. Injuring people, destroying assets, threatening the very existence of your business.

    What makes it all the more tragic is that simple, proven steps can help reduce the risk of accidents.

    Justrite Dangerous Goods Cabinets are engineered to store your hazardous chemicals safely - to help you organise, segregate and visually identify dangerous liquids. The result? Reduced mishaps and handling errors.

    Combined with the 10 year limited warranty and the features shown above, it is clear to see what makes Justrite cabinets the number 1 safety cabinet in the world.

  • 8 Steps to a safer workplace, working with Dangerous Goods Storage

    Posted on: 19, Mar

    This is a quick summary check list provided by Glen Carter, Chief Technical Officer, Justrite Manufacturing Co. to identify common safety violations found in facilities using flammable fuels, solvents or chemicals.

    1.    Look Around.

    Are flammable, combustible and hazardous liquids stored in open containers? All hazardous liquids should be stored in functionally closed containers with adequately closing lids. Ensure faulty or damaged containers are replaced.

     2.    Industry best practice.

    Industry best practice and to meet OSHA regulation, flammables and combustible liquids should be stored in a safety can. Current safety cans that are in service should be inspected to ensure the lids operate and close effectively, a flame arrestor is present, and that they do not leak. Replace faulty safety cans

    3.    What do you do with your fuel soaked rags?

    Fuel soaked rags can present a real fire hazard if they are not discarded in approved containers. Also make sure at the end of a shift or the end of a day the safety container is moved outside the building.

    4.    Do you have other combustible waste in open or overflowing containers?

    Replace non compliant containers with UL and FM approved waste receptacles. This is vital to your operations fire prevention plan.


    28704 4 Drum Spill Pallet In-Line Polyethylene Low Profile5.     Are your flammable, combustible or hazardous drums on a spill protection pallet?

    Dependant on where you store your drums, you can pick a spill pallet for inside or external use:-

    -    For indoor applications, choose a polyethylene or metal spill pallet. Base this decision on chemical compatibility

    -    For outdoor spill pallets, you may wish to chose a covered spill pallet which offers both protection for the liquid/environment, but it also protects the sump from overflow due to rain as required by a responsible spill prevention plan.

    6.    Do your drums have a vent?

    Drum storage of flammable and combustible liquids should include a safety drum vent on each drum to ensure OSHA compliance. FM-Approved safety drum vents provide emergency pressure venting in the event of a fire and the vacuum relief required for dispensing operations or to prevent the drum crushing in the event of sudden cooling.

    28904 Dispensing shelf for 28903

    7.    Do you have a self closing faucet for dispensing operations?

    If you need to dispense flammable and combustible  liquids from a horizontal drum through a faucet, you need an FM-approved self-closing valve (required by OSHA)

    8.   Are you storing your DG goods safely, close at hand?

    FM-Approved flammable safety cabinets help organise flammable and combustible liquids, increase the volume of these materials that can be stored in an area and provide a margin of safe egress from an area by personnel in the event of a fire. Replace existing safety cabinets if the doors do not open correctly, are not sequentially self closing or if the cabinet has been modified (eg. holes drilled in the cabinet).

    Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets Checkout Justrite's extensive range of chemical and flammable goods storage cabinets

    All the best and keep safe.

    Bonus video for those who don't believe in the use of correct storage containers and correct grounding


  • Justrite Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets - The best in the market just got cheaper

    Posted on: 07, Jun


    Time flies when you are having fun. We are at that time again to clear out the warehouse before the EOFY stocktake. 

    Therefore our complete range of Justrite Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets have been further discounted.

    Discounts include our range of Flammable, Corrosive, Pesticide, Oxidising Agents and Toxic storage cabinets.

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